North Korea suspected of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hack

Bitcoin news: North Korea suspected of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hack - From the Bitcoin latest updates, North Korea is being investigated for possible involvement in a massive cyber-attack on a South Korean currency exchange this week. 
North Korea suspected of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hack
The Youbit exchange shut down and collapsed into bankruptcy on Tuesday after hackers stole 17 per cent of its assets. Youbit was also hit by an attack in April that local media have linked to North Korean hackers. 

Police investigators and the Korea Internet and Security Agency are viewing the case as an extension of the April attack, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar with the investigation. 

Authorities said they are open to all other possibilities besides the Pyongyang regime, the person said on Thursday. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that investigators believed the Youbit attack bore the hallmarks of a North Korean hack. 

The price of bitcoin fell from close to $19,000 to around $16,300 on Tuesday after news of the security breach broke. North Korea has built up an army of hackers, thought to be 1,700-strong. 

They are suspected of carrying out a range of attacks, including the "WannaCry" malware attack that affected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world and devastated NHS IT systems in May. 

The US publicly blamed North Korea for WannaCry earlier this week, while British government ministers have said that it is "all but certain" North Korea was responsible. 

The Youbit hack is the latest security breach to hit bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges. Last week, almost $64bn of bitcoin was stolen by hackers who broke into the NiceHash marketplace in Slovenia.

That followed a $31m theft of rival cryptocurrency tether, last month.




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