Things you need to know about withdrawals on

Things you need to know about withdrawals on Luno.comLuno: Things you need to know about withdrawals: Here are some of the basic things you must know about making a withdrawal on Before you proceed further, I guess it'll be nice if you take a quick look at our previous titled: Steps on how to link your bank account to Luno

In that post, we've taken the time to explain in details the steps you can follow to link your bank account to Luno and start withdrawing your money without stress anytime.

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Alright, having outlined that, as with any service, there are a few basic requirements in linking your bank account to your Luno wallet and requesting withdrawals: 
- Withdrawals must be made to a bank account that belongs to the same person who owns the Luno wallet. The bank account must be in your name.

- You may not withdraw money into a friend or family member’s bank account 

If you wish to use a company bank account to make withdrawals from Luno, you'll need to apply for a company account at Luno. 



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