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Binance Trading: Withdraw to wrong address

Binance will start the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button in your E-mail account. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this once initiated.

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Due to the anonymity of the blockchain, Binance is also unable to locate where your funds have been sent. If you have sent your coins to the wrong address by mistake, please use other means to try and locate and/or contact the recipient of your funds.

If you have withdrawn your funds to another exchange with an incorrect or empty tag/required description, please contact the receiving exchange with your TxID to organize the return of your funds.

How to Change Binance Account Email

How do I Change my Binance Account Email? If you want to change the email you used on binance but don't know how to go about it, here's a concise guide on how you can get that done with ease
All binancians are to bear it at th back of their mind that any requests that do not meet these requirements will be rejected immediately.

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Requirements for changing your e-mail on binance:
1) You must have Level 2 Verification approved for your account.

2) You must have been Level 2 Verified for at least 7 days. Binance  will send a verification code to your original Binance e-mail address to prove you are the account owner of the e-mail. There are additional documents we will also need you to provide to prove your owndership of the account.

Here is a list of the documents and information Binance will need from you to change your e-mail:
1. The Verification code sent to your Binance e-mail address
2. Photo documents as follows:
⦁ Photo of the Front side of yo…

How to Freeze Binance Account

If you don't need your binance account any longer, you can actually freeze or deactivate the account. Fortunately, binance account owners can always reactivate or unfreeze block accounts. Want to see how to unfrozen or unlock binance frozen account? 
If yes, click here. Alright, here's a concise post which treats in details guidelines binancians can follow to freeze their account whenever they feel like doing so.
Binance wasn’t able to freeze or close your account. Please find the link "disable your account" in the“【Binance】Confirm Your Withdraw Request From #{ip} - #{time}” email or "【Binance】Successful Login From New IP #{currentIp} - #{time}” email, then click it to freeze your account automatically.

How to Reactivate Frozen Binance account

How to unlock deactivated binance account: Here's a comprehensive guide on how to unlock binance frozen account.

So if you're looking for a post which best explains how to unlock a frozen binance account, you're at the right place.

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How to unlock Binance block account
1. After logging in on the official website, click on "Reactivate"

2. Tick the box: “I acknowledge that it will take 7-10 days to reactivate my account through Customer Support”. Locked account cannot submit an application for unlocked in 2 hours , Please wait patiently and submit your application within 2 hours.

3. The system will send a verification email to your Binance account email and click the yellow button to Unlocked Account

4. If your account have finished level 2 verification(at least 7 days) or no deposit has ever been made to your account, please ignore the following step. Otherwise, please input your deposit address in Binance of the la…

How to Register Account & Deposit on Binance

Binance Free Account Registration 1. Click “Register” on the top right corner. Input your email address, password (password should have 6 to 20 characters, and include upper and lower case letters and numbers) and captcha, then click “Register”. 
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2. Binance will send you a verification email. Please also check your spam folder if you do not receive the email. 
3. Click the verification link in the email to complete registration.
How to Deposit on Binance 1. Log in “User Center”, and click “Deposits and Withdrawals” on “Funds” Menu. 
2. Select your deposit token type, and click “Deposit”. You can deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO and BNB. 
3. Click “Deposit”, you can see your deposit address on your dashboard. 
4. You can transfer your token into this address from your wallet and other exchange platforms. 
5. Binance will confirm your deposit result automatically. You can see details at “Funds > History”. 

Binance: What deductible fees does BNB charge?

What deductible fees does BNB charge? When you trade on Binance exchange , the system will give you a discount of deductible fees automatically on the condition of having enough BNB in your account. The cost BNB amount depends on the market price.
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TIME                The 1st year        The 2nd year        The 3th year      The 4th year            The 5th year

Discount rate   50%                     25%                    12.5%                 6.75%                       No discount

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
1. Converting logic of BNB market value.
If the trade receivable is NEO, we will calculate it by the exchange ratio of NEO to BNB at the market price, which is based on the market price of NEO/BTC and BNB/BTC.

Exchange ratio of NEO/BNB = NEO/BTC[market price]/(BNB/BTC [market price]).

Binance update cycle for the market price is 1 second.

2. Can I turn on/off the the function of using BNB for deductible fees? 
Yes,you can tur…

How to Trade on Binance

Here's a simple guide on how to carry out trading on See How to Transfer your Altcoins from Coinbase to Banance.

How to Trade on Binance 1. Go to the Binance website (, Click [Login] from the menu and enter your details to log in.

2. If you want to purchase BNB with BTC, choose BTC Market and input BNB in search box. Then you can enter to transaction page by clicking BNB/BTC pair.

3. The display of the transaction of Binance
The display area of Biannce Announcements The display area of the cunrrent trading pair in 24h Volume The display area of sale price The display area of buy price The display area of K Line and Market Depth The type of the order The buy area The sell area The switch area of other trading markets / trading pairs The display of the latest completed transaction price4. Enter the buy area of the Basic or Advanced website, refer to the token/coin price on the left, choose a right sale price of BNB and enter the number, click the button of th…

How to Transfer your Altcoins from Coinbase to Banance

Binance: Before getting started, create your free Binance account first. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes. 
Click here to create now. If you've done that, here is a simple guide on how to transfer your altcoins from coinbase allowing you sell to purchase other cryptocurriences on Binance. Please note Binance is not an exchange like coinbase where you can buy (with a debit card or bank transfer) Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency you want.

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It is strictly an exchange site. Which means you need to buy your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin at Coinbase first and then have it deposited into Binance to be exchanged for the coins you really want.
How to Transfer from Coinbase to Binance:
1: Sign into your Coinbase, at the top of your screen select Accounts. (If you’re on mobile then Accounts will be at the bottom of your screen)

2: Next, choose the cryptocurrency that you want to send from your wallets.

3: Now y…

Binance Doubles Referral Rewards to 40%

This is to inform all Binancians that Binance has doubles referral commission rewards to 40%. This notice was officially published on and its read as follows;

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Fellow Binancians, 
Binance will double referral commission rewards to 40% for all accounts that hold 500 BNB or more, starting from 2018/05/19 0:00 AM (UTC). Each user’s commission rate will then be adjusted at 0:00 AM (UTC) each day based on their BNB holdings. 

The commission rate for all other users will remain at 20%. 

Note: The daily snapshot of BNB holdings will not include any BNB locked in-order or pending for withdrawal/deposit. 

Thanks for your support! 

Binance Team

Binance is Now Available in Portuguese

This is to inform all Binancians that Binance is now available in Portuguese. This notice was officially published on and its read as follows;

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Fellow Binancians, is now available in Portuguese! You can change the language to Portuguese from the top right corner of the website. 

Please join the Binance Portuguese Telegram Chat:

The website translation was possible thanks to the support of our community volunteers. 

If you have any further suggestions for our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thanks for your support! 

Binance Team

How to Buy Cryptocurrency via Coinbase Account

Here's a complete guide on how to buy cryptocurrency instantly by opening a free coinbase account. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular among investors and businesses for investment purposes and business transactions for a good reason.  Cryptocurrencies have the potential to produce a high return on investment (ROI), such as Bitcoin, which has increased in value by as much as 1000 percent year over year. But if you’re just getting started, it’s important to use a platform to facilitate your cryptocurrency investment needs. 
Coinbase provides a secure way to store cryptocurrency and is an ideal online platform you can use to sell and buy digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Get started with Coinbase by learning how to register and sign up for a Coinbase account.

1. Sign up at
You can create a secure digital currency wallet on Coinbase’s website directly by just entering your email address on the homepage and clicking the Get Started button. Enter…

Cryptocurrencies Not a Risk to Stability, Russian Study Concludes

 Cryptocurrencies Not a Risk to Stability, Russian Study Concludes: A study has found that despite their volatility, cryptocurrencies do not endanger the financial system and the economy of Russia, as the risks are offset by the highly concentrated ownership of digital assets.  Crypto fluctuations are not believed to affect consumption either. Russian residents have controlled cryptocurrency worth between $7.5 and $14 billion in the first quarter of this year, according to estimates published in the report.
Coins Compared to Commodities, Less Volatile than Some The volatility of cryptocurrency rates is comparable to the price dynamics of foods, considered some of the most volatile commodities. Prices of products like meat, milk, and sugar can actually be much more volatile, according to a new study quoted by Russian media. It concludes that cryptocurrencies are not a threat to Russia’s financial stability. 
Crypto volatility can affect the Russian economy much like the depreciation of …

Bitcoin Goes For 173 Days Without a New Price Peak

If Bitcoin has seemed boring for a while, one of the reasons is the asset has gone more than 173 days without a new price record. The last two quarters saw BTC prices unravel from nearly $20,000 to the current levels around $7,500. The statistics show that the longest sideways drift for Bitcoin was between 2013 and the summer of 2017, when prices picked up again.  BTC has had its temporary peaks during that time, but failed to set new records. In the past weeks, BTC prices have been less volatile. After a bigger shakedown from around $8,000 to the current levels, BTC once again remained stable. BTC traded at 7,677.83, on thin volumes of $4.3 million in 24 hours.  !Bitcoin! There have been predictions for a new rally starting from July, but for now, BTC has been losing its appeal, and dragging down altcoins as well. The more the price and trading of BTC stagnate, the more influential Japanese Yen trading becomes, according to CryptoCompare data. Right now, more than 63% of BTC volumes are…

Bitcoin Buying on the Rise Again in Venezuela

Bitcoin price in Venezuela: A report has it that Venezuelans’ interest in buying Bitcoin has increased significantly over the last three months, Criptonoticias news outlet reports Wednesday, June 6, citing data from the LocalBitcoins exchange.
Venezuela experienced its first cryptocurrency boom in early 2017, when a record volume of 805 bitcoins exchanged in a week was set.

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Following that, the level of interest towards crypto in Venezuela dropped, coinciding with a decline in trading volume to as low as 150 bitcoins bought per week.

However, according to Criptonoticias, in early-to-mid 2018, Bitcoin investment surged once again in Venezuela, as evidenced by LocalBitcoins data.

The volume of Venezuelan bolivar to Bitcoin exchange increased by 138% from March to April, and by 39% more from April to May. The first week of June was in line with this tren, Criptonoticias points out.

Over the last week of May some …

Market Move? Bitcoin Price Rebound to $7,800 Could Confirm Short-Term Rally

Bitcoin latest price: In the latest news, the bitcoin price has increased from $7,300 to $7,600 over the past 24 hours, sparking optimism regarding the short-term growth of bitcoin. 

A break to $7,800 could confirm a short-term rally for bitcoin while a drop below the $7,500 mark could lead it back to the $7,300 region, making $6,000 a possibility, yet again.
Low Volume 
The price trend of bitcoin and predictions of analysts are conditional as of current due to the low volume of BTC. While BTC has prevented a further drop to the $6,000 region as it rebounded from $7,300 to to $7,600, the volume remains nearly identical to yesterday. Although the valuation of the cryptocurrency market has improved, the state of the market remains the same.

A break to $7,800 would effectively exceed the descending one-month trend line extending from May 5 to June 5, signifying a potential rally for BTC in both the short to mid-term. The corrective rally of BTC from the $7,040 has ended at $7,500, but base…