How to Reactivate Frozen Binance account

How to unlock deactivated binance account: Here's a comprehensive guide on how to unlock binance frozen account.
 How to Reactivate Frozen Binance account

So if you're looking for a post which best explains how to unlock a frozen binance account, you're at the right place.

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How to unlock Binance block account
1. After logging in on the official website, click on "Reactivate"

2. Tick the box: “I acknowledge that it will take 7-10 days to reactivate my account through Customer Support”. Locked account cannot submit an application for unlocked in 2 hours , Please wait patiently and submit your application within 2 hours.

3. The system will send a verification email to your Binance account email and click the yellow button to Unlocked Account

4. If your account have finished level 2 verification(at least 7 days) or no deposit has ever been made to your account, please ignore the following step. Otherwise, please input your deposit address in Binance of the latest coin deposited.

Please note that the unlock request cannot be initiated for 2 hours if you input wrong address for 3 times. If you have forgotten the deposit address, please go to the wallet or exchange you withdrew from and find out the transaction you transferred to your Binance account.

5. After verifying your deposit address, please upload 3 photos as per the instruction and click ‘Submit’ to fulfil the process.


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