Binomo - How to Signup Binomo Account | Improve Trading Skill on Binomo Sign up and get $1,000 in a demo account. Improve your trading skills with Binomo, the leading trading platform. If you're looking for a guide on how you can signup an awesome Binomo account and start trading. According to Forbes, at Binomo you can invest in transactions starting at $1 with returns of up to 70%.

What Is Binomo 
Binomo is a Category "A" international Financial Commission member, which guarantees clients of the company receive quality services, transparency of relationships, and protection by a neutral and independent dispute resolution organization.

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The financial operations offered on this site may involve increased risk. By using the financial services and tools this site offers, you may suffer serious financial loss, or completely lose the funds in your guaranteed-trading account.

Make sure to evaluate all the financial risks and seek advice from an independent financial advisor before trading. Binomo is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses, or any other damages resulting from the user's actions on this site.

Binomo Platform Benefits
An account from only $10
You don’t need to save start-up capital: start earning without investing.

Transactions start from $1
The minimum transaction cost is small enough that you won’t lose a big sum while you’re still learning how to trade.

Unique non-stop trading 
Time is money. Don’t wait for a transaction to end: open several positions at the same time and continue trading.

Work on the weekend
Don’t deprive yourself of weekend earnings. Trade daily and earn more profit.

Binomo: Simple and convenient 
Demo account
You can always improve your trading skills on the demo account. When you're ready, switch to your real account.

Online support
You can send a message anytime via chat and get feedback right away!

Free training
By studying the extensive knowledge base, you will be able to trade as profitably as possible.

Earn money from anywhere!
On binomo, you can earn at any time and anywhere with the Binomo app for iOS and Android. Stay in the know: instant information on transaction closings, promotions and tournaments.

How to Signup  a Binomo Account
To signup a Bnomo account, do the following;
1. Log on to and navigate to the top right corner and click signup.

2. Once you hit the signup button a form shall display. On that form, enter your email and password. Alternatively, you can register an account on binomo using your Google or Facebook account. To do that, click on the either of the platform logos on the form that displays when you click on the signup button.

Note: When signing up your account, your password must contain the following;
1. six or more characters
2. At least one letter
3. At least one number

3. Next, select your country currency

4. Click on the small rectangular box to agree with the Binomo terms of use.

5. Finally, click on the "open an account for free" button and you're done.

You're done with setting up a binomo account. You can now start trading.

Binomo FAQs
What is Binomo? I'm new and don't know anything about trading. Can I trade on the platform? I'm new and don't know anything about trading. Can I trade on the platform?
Of course, you can! Especially for you, we've developed training materials to help you start trading profitably as soon as possible. You will be helped by educational videos, strategies, informational email newsletters, and posts on our official social network accounts. In addition, you can always contact our support service via any communication channel you prefer.

Do I have to make a deposit right away to trade on the Binomo platform? 
You do not need to make a deposit right away. You can start by practising on the training account, get used to the platform and fine-tune a profitable new strategy, then go to the real account. You can also participate in free tournaments and earn real money for winning

Why should I switch to the real account? 
When you trade on the real account, you get real profits. You will have access to a lot of privileges and additional opportunities, for example, participation in all tournaments and promotions on the platform, access to analytics, assistance from a personal manager, etc.

How do I switch to the real account? 
To switch to the real account, select the account type "Real" in the top panel of the platform. You will need to make a deposit to start trading on the real account. This can be done on the Cashier page. To go to the Cashier page, click on the yellow "Credit" button in the top panel.

What is an asset (underlying asset)? 
They are currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities that can be used in exchange trading.

Which time zone is used on the website? 
The time on your platform is set to the time zone where you are.

Do I need to download additional software? 
Trading is carried out on the web-platform and on IOS and Android mobile applications. The downloading of additional software is not necessary. We recommend trading on the most current version of your browser with plugins and add-ins disabled.

What is an "up" trade? 
It is a trade that is considered profitable if the closing price (quote) is higher than the price at which the trade was opened.

What is a "down" trade? 
It is a trade that is considered profitable if the closing price (quote) is lower than the price at which the trade was opened.

What is "time remaining"? 
Time remaining is the time range in which you can conclude a trade on the current asset with the selected expiration time.

What is closing time (expiration)? 
The closing time of a trade is the time of its expiration, i.e., the date and time when the period of the concluded trade ends and payment is calculated based on the result.

I can't verify my email. What should I do? 
To verify your email you need to go to the «Personal Information» ( section, enter the correct email address and click on the "Verify" button. A confirmation email will be sent to that address.

At what age is trading permitted? 
You must be 18 years old to sign up and trade on the platform.

How do I sign up on the company's website? 
You will need to do the following:
1. Enter a real email address which you have access to.
2. Come up with a password.
3. Select the currency for the account.
4. Press the confirmation button.

Do I need to fund an account to sign up on the website? 
Signing up on the website is absolutely free. You do not need to fund an account to sign up.

Problems occured during sign up. What should I do? 
If you experience any problems during the sign-up process, you will need to contact the support team via online chat or by email at

Which currency can be used for trading? 
During the sign-up process on the website, you will be able to select the currency for your trading account. At the moment we offer a choice between EUR and USD.

How can I delete an account? 
To delete an account, you need to send an email with the subject "Block account" to from the address with which you signed up for the account, or you can fill out a ticket request:

How can I change my account currency?​
The account currency is selected during sign up. You can block this account and open a new account with a different currency.​

How long does account crediting take?​
Trading account crediting is instantaneous.​

How can I fund my account?​ 
To fund your trading account, you can use VISA or MasterCard. You can also credit an account using WebMoney, Neteller, Mobile Commerce, or Coinpayments (Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets), and ePayments (South Africa, Nigeria, India).

What is the maximum amount for a deposit?​ 
​The maximum amount for a one-time deposit (a request to credit funds) is 10,000 USD/EUR. The number of deposits is not limited.​

What is the minimum deposit amount?​
The minimum deposit required to trade on our platform is 10 EUR/USD.​

What is the minimum amount to be withdrawn from the account?​
The minimum amount for a withdrawal from a trading account is 10 EUR/USD.​ ​​​​

What ways are there to withdraw funds from a trading account?
Depending on how you credited your balance, you can withdraw money using VISA or MasterCard, as well as WebMoney, Neteller, ePayments (South Africa, Nigeria, India) and Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets.​

How long does a withdrawal take?​
Transfer of funds to the Client will be made within 3 business days following the date of filing the request for withdrawal.​

How long does a withdrawal request take to process?​
Withdrawal requests are considered during business hours. The request consideration period is on average 24 hours.​

What is the cost of a withdrawal from a trading account?​
We do not charge for withdrawals from your account.​

Do I need to provide any documents to withdraw funds?​
The security team has the right to request a scanned image or digital photo of the first page of your passport, as well as additional documentation (a photo of a credit card, a photo of you holding your passport open at the photo page, a screenshot of your electronic wallet) to make sure that the account details and documentation belong to the person requesting the withdrawal.​

​Where can I review my trading history?​ 
​Such information can be found in the History section on the Trading page to the left of the terminal.​

What are bonus funds?​
Bonus funds are funds credited by Binomo to your trading account to increase your trading potential. These funds shall be credited in accordance with the bonus or promotional programs held on the company's website. Bonus funds can be credited to your trading account: - as a welcome bonus when you fund your trading account for the first time;
- as a bonus for repeat funding of the account;
- as a trading insurance payment in accordance with the terms of the insurance;
- as the result of winning a prize in a contest held by the Binomo company. The promotional terms and amounts of bonus funds can vary according to the current offerings of our company. The crediting of bonus funds shall be completed within one business day from the date of account funding or other action as the result of which the trader is entitled to receive the bonus. If after receiving a bonus, the trader wishes to withdraw all of the money in their trading account, they must first complete the corresponding amount of trading turnover.​

​Is it possible to withdraw bonus funds?​
The withdrawal of bonus funds is possible. In order for the bonus to be withdrawn, the trader must generate trading turnover equal to the amount of the bonus multiplied by the leverage factor (usually a coefficient equal to 35, however, it can vary depending on the terms of the promotion according to which the bonus funds were credited).

Trading turnover starts being calculated from the moment the bonus funds are credited to the trader's account. The profit earned by the trader when using the bonus in their trading account is considered the property of the trader and can be withdrawn. If a no-deposit bonus is credited to the trader's account they have the right to withdraw both the amount of the bonus, as well as any profit earned using the bonus.

Usually, the trader must first generate a trading turnover in an amount equal to the bonus multiplied by 35. Bonuses of more than 50% are multiplied by 40. More detailed information regarding the terms and conditions for crediting bonus funds and their withdrawal from a trading account can be provided by the Binomo support service.​

Do I have to pay taxes on this income?​ 
The Binomo company is not a tax agent and is not responsible for its clients paying taxes. For this information you should contact the tax authority or revenue service of your country of residence.

Can I withdraw from my account money that I deposited before even though I haven't started trading? 
​Yes, this is possible. However, if you deposited an amount to your account and then decided to withdraw this money before your trading turnover (the sum of all your trades) exceeds double the amount of the deposit, the withdrawal fee will be equal to 10%. You will be notified of the withdrawal fee and if you agree to this fee, you will need to resubmit your withdrawal request.

This commission is charged extremely rarely and in exceptional cases due to the high commissions charged by the payment systems through which the withdrawal of funds is made. More details about the withdrawal rules can be found in the Client Agreement.​

How do I cancel a bonus?​
A bonus can only be canceled if after activating it you do not conclude a trade on the real account. To cancel a bonus, create a ticket request:​

I have a coupon, where do I enter it?​
The coupon can be entered when crediting your account on the "Cashier" page. Under the input field for the amount is the "Use bonus coupon" link. Click on the link and enter the bonus coupon in the field that appears.

How do I conclude a trade?​ 
​Select the financial asset, set the closing time (expiry time) for the trade, enter the amount of investment, predict the movement direction of the point on the chart, and press the corresponding key ("Up" or "Down").​

What is the maximum amount for an investment?​
The maximum allowable amount for an investment is 1,000 EUR/USD.​

Why might Binomo's quotes differ from quotes from Forex or others? ​​
Quotes for assets are calculated according to a formula of averaging supply and demand prices. In addition, quotes may differ due to the fact that they come from different sources (Reuters, Bloomberg, as well as other resources).

These resources can receive information in parallel from dozens or even hundreds of other banks. Thus, quotes on the Binomo trading platform may not coincide with the quotes of other trading platforms and sources to within a point.​​

Can I monitor my open trades?​
You can monitor all your open trades in the panel that is located above the trading terminal. All your trades are also displayed on the chart and in the "History" section.​

What is the minimum amount for an investment?​
The minimum allowable amount for an investment is 1 EUR/USD.​

Can I see the history of all of my trading operations?​ 
Information on all your concluded trades is located in the "History" section in the left panel of the traderoom.

How can I check my trades?​ 
All trading information is automatically saved in real time on the Binomo server. This information includes the following: the name of the selected asset, the opening and closing prices, and the opening and closing times of the contract. Company clients can see this information in their own trading history. In the event of a dispute, the broker can reconcile its own data with the provider’s data at the request of the client. The results of the reconciliation will be available no later than 72 hours after the trader makes the request for reconciliation. All the results of the reconciliation will be provided to the trader.

Are you certified by a regulatory authority?​
Binomo is certified by the Russian Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. At the moment, the company also has pending CySEC and CPO licenses.​

Can bots or automated trading processes be used?​
Automatic trading on the Binomo platform is prohibited.​

When can I trade on the platform?​
Our platform operates 24 hours a day. On weekends and holidays, cryptocurrency assets are available on the platform.

What is a tournament?​
A tournament is an event that takes place on a separate tournament account.​

What is a tournament account?​
A tournament account is an account that opens after the start of a tournament you are signed up for. You make transactions with virtual currency (T) in the tournament account. You can only spend real money to sign up for a tournament or for rebuys in the tournament.​

What is the currency T?​
This is the accepted tournament currency which is not related to the currency of your account.​

What do you need to do to sign up for a tournament?​ 
​To sign up for a tournament, you need to click on the "Sign up" button on the tournament page and have in your real account an amount equal to or greater than the sign-up cost.​

What is a rebuy?​ 
A rebuy is an opportunity to increase your tournament balance by the amount of the rebuy. A rebuy is possible if the amount of your balance and investments in open transactions does not exceed the value specified in the terms of the tournament.

How is the prize fund formed?​ 
The prize fund is formed from the amount of a certain percentage of all tournament fees (sign-ups and rebuy fees). The percentage is indicated in the terms of the tournament. Moreover, in each tournament there is a guaranteed prize fund - a value the prize fund will not be less than.

Can I trade in a tournament using the application?​ 
At the moment, tournament trading is only available on the web platform. Our developers are working to ensure that in the near future tournaments will be available on mobile applications. You can use a mobile browser to sign up and trade in tournaments. Please stay tuned for updates. ​I pressed the "Sign up" button for a paid tournament, but there was no money in my account.

When I credit my account will the money automatically be charged?​ ​The funds cannot be automatically charged. After crediting your account, you need to go back to the tournament page and click on the "Sign up" button again.​

If I had 1,000T in my tournament account and during the tournament it went down to 100T, then what result will be counted in the table? 
​If the goal of the tournament is to have the highest possible balance during the tournament, then 1,000T will be taken into account as the maximum balance that you reached during the tournament. If the goal of the tournament is maximum turnover, then the turnover completed from the moment when the balance was 1,000T to the present will be in the table.

If the goal of the tournament is the highest possible balance at the end of the tournament, then the balance at the moment,100T, will be displayed.​

How many times can you do rebuys in one tournament?​ 
​If "rebuys" are permitted in the tournament, then there are no restrictions on the number of rebuys, provided that the amount of the balance and investments in open transactions does not exceed the amount specified in the terms of the tournament.​

How do you get your winnings from the tournament?​ 
Tournament prizes can be activated in the "Gifts" section in the left panel of the traderoom.



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