Download Skype for Android - Skype for Android | Download Skype

Let's get started with Download Skype for Android - Skype for Android | Download Skype. The essence of this post is for people that would want to download skype for android but don't know the steps involved get that done with ease.

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In other words, this post is all about how to download Skype - Skype for Android. The process of how to download skype is particularly easy if you know how to go about it.

This article treats download Skype for Android guide in simplicity. Continue reading below:

Download Skype For Android – Skype is the world’s biggest voice and video chat communication platform which provides its users the easy way to talk to their friends and family over the internet. Skype offers its users the opportunity to make two different calls, the two calls include;

Skype to Skype Call: This call is made by two or more users who have the Skype app on their Android device.

To make a skype to skype call;
1. Log in to your Skype account with your account details.
2. Open your Skype contact list.
3. Tap the icon next to “All contacts”.
4. Choose the Skype contact you want to call.
5. Tap the Call button.
Download Skype for Android - Skype for Android | Download Skype
Call phones From Skype
Skype to phone call – with Skype to phone call you can call a contact that is on your phone book. To make a Skype to phone call;
1. Go to your device phone call tab.
2. Choose a number you want to call from your phone book.
3. Tap the Call button.

Just recently a friend asked if “Skype is a voice app or a voice service”. I couldn’t answer the question because I don’t know what to say but then I carried out a research to know if Skype is a voice app or a voice call. Skype is primarily a VoIP -voice over the internet protocol- service which offers a VoIP app.

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What is a VoIP app?? – A voice over the internet protocol app is a software app or program that connects to a VoIP service through the internet or a particular network allowing you to make VoIP calls.

To be able to download Skype For Android device, you must have the following skype requirements which are outlined below;
- Free up your device memory space.
- You need to have a quality Android phone.
- You need an internet connection – either a Wi-Fi or a cellular data plan.


Download Skype For Android Device
Before you Download Skype For Android device, you have to download it from your device Google play store.
1. Go to your device Google play store.
2. Search for the Skype app on your play store search bar.
3. Click on the Skype icon.
4. Tap the green install button to download and Install the app.

Wait for the app to download and install itself on your device. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Skype app on your Android device.

Tap on the app to open it and sign in to your Skype account if you already have an account with Skype.

You will be asked to synchronize your Skype contacts with your phonebook contacts, you can also choose to synchronize all your contacts or add your phonebook contacts to your Skype list.



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