Facebook email | Facebookmail | Facebook Email Account

Facebook email | Facebookmail | Facebook Email Account: Having an issue and want to contact a Facebook friend but could not?

This post outlines how to create Facebook email which will enable you to contact your friends other than via the normal chatting or conversational box.

Facebook email is an email address for your Facebook messages. It offers Facebook users, a messenger for both desktop and smartphones.

The @facebook.com email address was made to make the Facebook primary channel of communication.

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Your Facebook email address is simply “username @facebook.com”. On your personal profile page, whatever comes after “Facebook.com” or before “Facebook. Com” is where your username is.

For example, you can find me on “Facebook. Com/mercy john”, that means my Facebook email address is “mercy john@facebook.com”.
Facebook email | Facebookmail | Facebook Email Account
Facebook automatically assigns each of its users a Facebook email address after signing up for Facebook. Facebook gives it’s users a Facebook e-mail address which matches their public usernames.

Take, for instance, if your Facebook username is Ada Jones, then your Facebook email address will be – Ada_Jones@facebook.com.

It is very important that you have a Facebook username for your Facebook account. You can set up your Facebook username if you don’t like it again. To set up your username, go to your account settings and set it up.

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Be careful while doing this because Facebook does not allow you to change your Facebook username after a long period of time.

How and when do you use Facebook email
The same way you use your normal email address is basically the same way you use your Facebook e-mail address.

If you want to chat up someone via your Facebook app or Facebook messenger but can’t reach Facebook for some reasons like; if there’s low internet connection in your area, you can email the persons Facebook address and the email (message) will show up in the persons Facebook message box.

When the person reads and replies back, you will receive the message as a new email in your email inbox. All you need do is go to your email and check your inbox.

However, you can also send new emails to your friends via your Facebook account. Simply go to Facebook message page, type in the person’s email address in the ‘To bar’, type your message and send. The email will appear in the person’s mailbox as coming from your Facebook e-mail address.

How to create a Facebook email address 
To create a Facebook email address simply follow the steps below;
1. Log into your Facebook account with your Facebook details.
2. Click on ‘here’ to open the requested webpage.
3. Click on invite button, when your invitation is accepted
4. Click on “messages” in your Facebook account.
5. On the message page, click on “claim your Facebook email” in the top section of your Facebook account.
6. Click on “Activate” email.
7. Click on Next.

You have successfully created your Facebook email address. You can now send new messages which will be delivered to a recipient.

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Unlike the normal email and Gmail, Facebook email does not have the general features like; subject lines, cc (carbon copy), bcc (blind carbon copy). You can only UAW the Facebook email address to send and receive messages.



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