Facebook group Page | How to create Facebook group page | Facebook group

Facebook group Page | How to create Facebook group page | Facebook group: Here is a post that covers how to create Facebook group page in details. Facebook group Page – There is always an easy way out of everything in life, same way there is an easy way to stay connected with a group of friends. 

Instead of chatting or sharing ideas, photos, events, status updates, with each of your friends one after the other, it is best you create a Facebook group page.

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Facebook group page makes it easier and faster for everyone to share ideas with one another. 
Facebook group Page | How to create Facebook group page | Facebook group
Take, for instance, members of a particular group can share ideas, photos and status updates with one another. They can notify each other about an event that is about to occur and also they can plan events together.

Types Of Facebook Group Page: There are different kinds of Facebook groups namely; the Facebook open group (any Facebook user can see members of the group, and also information’s that are posted in the group).

The Facebook closed group (anybody can see the group and its members, but they are not allowed to see posts in the group).

The Facebook secret group (in this group, only members of the group are allowed to see the group, it’s members, and posts).

Apart from creating your own Facebook group page, you can join an existing group page on Facebook. You can send a request to the existing group simply;
1. Go to “Facebook homepage”.
2. Locate and click on “groups”.
3. When the group page appears, click on Discover to browse suggested groups. See what groups your friends belong to.
4. Click “join” to join the existing group.
5. Whenever you join an existing group it will be posted to your timeline and your friend’s timeline that you have joined an existing group.

If you don’t feel comfortable joining an existing group, you may as well create your own Facebook group page.

 How to create Facebook group page 
1. Log into your Facebook account with your Facebook details.
2. Go to “groups page
3. Click on “create group”.
4. From the dialogue box that appears, type a name for your group.
5. Type the names of friends you wish to add.
6. Choose a privacy setting for your group (open group, closed group, or secret group).
7. Click on “create” button.
8. Finally, choose an icon for your group.
9. Then click on OK.

Your Facebook group has been created. You can now share your idea, pictures, status updates with everyone in the Facebook group by posting information on the group wall and chatting with friends in the group and members of the group.

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Once your group is created you need to finish the setup process which can be done by editing information’s on the right-hand side of the screen.

Firstly, add a group description which should state what the purpose of your group is all about. Secondly, you will see an option to add tags.

These tags are keywords, keywords make it possible for relevant users to fins the group. Finally, add a location to the Facebook group and most of all don’t forget to add a cover photo.

A covet photo should be a picture which represents the group interest and goals.

Note: you can add members to the group by entering their names or email address in the “add member” bar.

Facebook users that use Facebook groups for business or marketing, it is advisable you establish a group policy which helps to keep the privacy of your group secured.

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