Facebook Buy and Sell MarketPlace | Best Place Buy and Sell

Facebook Buy and Sell MarketPlace | Best Place Buy and Sell: Facebook Buy and Sell have been launched by Facebook, to enable users to buy and sell all around the globe. 

Over 2.1 billion people currently use Facebook to buy and sell used goods every month, through its groups feature. 

On the Facebook Buy and Sell platform, you can like pages, and after some time, buy or sell on this platform. 
Facebook Buy and Sell MarketPlace | Best Place Buy and Sell
Here also, you can inbox the seller of any item and also place an offer of your choosing. 

The Facebook buy and sell platform charges no fee for transactions which makes it stand out from among other contemporaries. 

Facebook buy and sell also does not condone transactions of illegal items like drugs, explosives, sale of firearms, animals, and alcohol, etc.

Facebook Buy and Sell offers no safety and financial security and takes no responsibility if a customer is ripped off.

Facebook Buy and Sell platform also do not take responsibility if you get assaulted or if your item is stolen at the designated meeting place.

Sending sellers direct messages are provided by Facebook but payments or delivery of items are solely handled by the seller and buyer, Facebook excludes itself from this.

Facebook Buy and Sell group differ slightly from other groups, in that, it enables its members.
- List items

- Mark items as sold: This implies that once a buyer for an item has been found, for the item you are selling in a Facebook buy and sell group, you need to locate your original post, tap and choose Mark as sold. To relist your item for sale, tap… and choose Mark as Available. This feature is specifically within groups to enable them to buy and sell items with members of the group.

- Search items to buy

Facebook Buy and Sell Pros 
- It does not charge fee for listing items
- Listed items are shown by default to members of the local community. But the region may be increased or decreased, or another region entirely can be switched to
- You can add new items from within the Facebook app easily ( take a photo, enter the product name, description and price, pick a category and
- confirm location.
- Facebook users, may add items to the Buy and Sell groups they belong to.

Facebook Buy and Sell Cons 
- Your Facebook and username gets exposed. It offers no option for picking an alias for selling
- Facebook does not take responsibility in case of product defect
- No protection offered for assault or rip off.

How to Sell items on a Facebook Buy and Sell group 
To sell things, you have to be in groups that have the buy and sell feature turned on.

Note, also that you must be an admin of the group to turn the buy and sell group feature on or off
- Visit the Facebook buy and sell group that you wish to sell something in
- Tap on the “Sell Something”>”What are you selling”? Tab
- Enter the information about the item you’re selling and thereafter, tap “Post”.

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