Facebook ID - How To Change My Profile Name | FB ID

Facebook ID - How To Change My Profile Name | FB ID: It is understandable that the name you use in your everyday life is quite different from your legal or original name. 

But when making use of Facebook it is advisable to use your original name as your Facebook profile name. 
Facebook ID - How To Change My Profile Name | FB ID
For example; if my original name is “Johnson Jones Lawrence”, my Facebook name should be “Johnson Jones” or “Jones Lawrence”.

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The major reason why Facebook advise its users to use their original names as their Facebook name is to enable people to know who they are chatting and connecting with while on Facebook.

Facebook ID Verification 
When logged into Facebook, you may be asked to confirm if the name on your Facebook account is the same name you are known for.

If you see a message that pops out when you log into your Facebook account, asking you to confirm your Facebook ID.

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You will be unable to access some Facebook features while confirming or editing your Facebook name.

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To edit or confirm your Facebook name, log into your Facebook account and follow the on-screen instructions.

You may be asked to upload an ID or something else from Facebook ID list that signifies the name you use every day.

The name on your Facebook Profile should be the name that your friends and family call you.

This name should also appear on Facebook ID list or your own personal ID. Nicknames are allowed if they are a variation of your original names, for example; Maggie instead of Margaret.

Facebook does not allow you to pretend to be anything or anyone on its network because of its improved security settings.

How To Change Name on Facebook | Edit Facebook ID 
Log into your Facebook account.
• Review Facebook name standard.
• Click settings on the top right side of your Facebook page.
• Click Name.
• Enter your name.
• Click review change.
• Enter your Facebook password.
• Click on save changes.

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Note: bear in mind that after changing or editing your Facebook ID, you cannot change it again until after 60 days. 



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