Facebook Password - How To Reset Facebook Password - Change Facebook Password

Facebook Password - How To Reset Facebook Password - Change Facebook Password: Have you forgotten your Facebook password and want to figure out the steps involved in resetting or do you want to change your password on Facebook?

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We'll teach you all you need to do to either reset Facebook password or change Facebook password with ease in the comfort of your devices. 
Facebook Password - How To Reset Facebook Password - Change Facebook Password
So if you want to change your Facebook password, this article got you covered. Continue reading below:

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Facebook Password: Interestingly your Facebook password is a secret character attached to your Facebook account which you and you alone should have access to for authentication and a prove identity showing that your facebook account is genuinely yours. Facts about facebook password you should know:

How To Reset Facebook Password 
To reset your facebook account when you are already logged in; scroll down to the bottom of your facebook page
1. Click on settings and Privacy
3. Type your current password
4. Type your new password and click on change password
5. Click save changes.

To change facebook password when you are not Logged in:
- Click on Forgot password?

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Type the Email, Mobile number, Full name and Username attached to your account when you created your account. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Steps On How To Change Facebook Password iPhone 
1. Unlock your phone screen
2. Click on the facebook application and wait while it opens
3. Click on ”More” which is found at the right-hand top of the screen
4. Scroll down to Privacy Shortcuts and click on it
5. Tap more settings
6. Click on GENERAL; This shows primary details like name, Email phone, and even password.
7. click on password:
- Type current password
- Enter new password
- Re-enter new password And you have succeeded in changing your password.

Five Things You Must Not Choose As Facebook Password For Privacy 
- Date of birth
- Mobile number
- Familiar name used in your everyday life
- Simple codes like 12345, 0000
- first name(like in Hosper.John)

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How To Set A Very Strong And Best Password For Your Facebook Account 
- Form lengthy and complex passwords
- Use a combination of upper and lower case alphabets
- Stay up to date with social engineering Techniques
- Preferably, use signs and symbols while creating the password

Reset your Password often 
Do not save your password in a public

Reasons You Have To Change Facebook Password 
Suspected compromise: if you suspect any violation of your security system and disclosure of your facebook walls, make haste and change your password immediately because more delay gives the intruder room to get more access to your account.
- To create a stronger password
- To regain and reset a forgotten
- Your password is your entitlement, hold it firm, never disclose it, keep it safe and enjoy its benefits!!

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