How to recover Lost facebook Account – Facebook account recovery guide

How to recover Lost facebook Account – Facebook account recovery guide: Do you want to know how to recover your lost Facebook account?

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This post is all about how to regain access to a Facebook account that you can't access lately.

How to recover lost Facebook Account is one of the biggest problem encountered by facebook users, and it’s bad enough the problem does not have a direct and easy solution, but options can be propped but this depends on whatever is plaguing your account.
How to recover Lost facebook Account – Facebook account recovery guide
This is an information guide that is written to present you with a concise and systematic solution.

How To Recover Lost Fb Account by Account Recovery Options 
Did you lose your face book account either by forgetting your password or your username or whether someone managed to break into your account and changed your password, there are several ways to retrieve your account.

First, you need to identify your account.

To do that you can use your email address or your phone number or you provide your full name and the name of a friend.

When you successfully identify your account, you will be shown the reset password page.

Before you proceed to reset your password, carefully check whether the account is really your and most importantly, whether the email address(es) and mobile phone number(s) listed are still functional or you change them.

Also, check the contact methods that apply, then click the Reset Password button and a password reset code will be sent to the respective email address or mobile phone number.

If you manage to regain access to your account this way and if you suspect that your account was hacked, immediately change your password and update your contact information.

Be sure to remove any email addresses or phone numbers that are not your own or that you can no longer access.

How To Recover Lost Facebook Account in case Recovery Options fail 
Were you denied access through recovery option? In that case, Facebook allows you to provide a new email address, which they will use to contact you about recovering your account.

To do that, click the link No longer have access to these? in the bottom right on the reset password page to start the recovery process.

There, you will be given the option to answer your security question and reset your password on the spot.

However, if you are able to answer your security question, there will be a 24 hour waiting period before you can access your account as an extra security precaution. In case it failed, don’t worry there is another option.

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Do You Have Trusted Friends That Can Help You Recover Your Account? 
For do who could not answer their security question after following the procedure described in the above, Facebook will allow you to select some trusted friends to help you recover your account. Face book will send send a security code to those of your friends.

Once you have collected all codes from your friends, you can submit the codes to Facebook as instructed and reset your password.

In case non of the above option worked I recommend you read the Report Abuse or Policy Violations section within the Facebook Help Center for additional options in your specific case.

The page contains comprehensive information on how to report impostors or scams and advice on what to do with accounts of deceased friends or someone who posted a suicidal comment.

How To Recover Lost Facebook Account has been made simple by this article. Follow the guide as provided above to regain your pleasure.



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