Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook

Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook: This is an authentic post on how to easily connect your Shopify account to Facebook without stress.

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So if you have a Shopify account and want to link it to your Facebook account, this article got you covered.

Link Shopify To Facebook
Connect your Shopify account to Facebook to measure website visits and other conversion events on your Shopify website.

This helps you better understand how people are interacting with your business and which events occurred as a result of your Facebook ads.

You can also use this information to create custom audiences and optimize your Facebook ads to drive more sales.

To get started, go to the Shopify page in Events Manager and follow our guided instructions that help you select the pixel you want to use and enter your pixel ID in your account. You can also follow the instructions below.

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A. How To Set Up Shopify Account
To set up your Shopify account, do the following:
To set up your Shopify account, you need to first go to settings
Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook
1. Log in to your Shopify account and click Online Store.

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Paste Facebook Pixel ID
Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook
1. Select Preferences.
2. Copy and paste your pixel ID.
3. Click Save.

B. Upload your products 
Enable Facebook checkout from the Shopify admin and upload your product information to your Shopify account.

Note: Before getting started, your collections and products must be visible in your online store.

1. Log in to Shopify.
2. Click the + symbol next to Sales channels in the Shopify admin.
3. Click Learn more next to the Facebook channel.
4. Click Add channel.
5. Click Facebook from your Shopify admin.
6. Click Get started.
7. Click Connect account.
8. Allow Shopify to connect with your business's Facebook Page and Facebook will verify your account information. After your account's verified, you can enable Facebook checkout using your Shopify admin.

You've now finished uploading your Shopify products to Facebook.

Note: If your business has more than one catalog or Facebook pixel, you'll need to specify which Facebook pixel you'd like associated with which catalog.

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To associate your pixel, navigate to the Settings page in Business Manager, click ‘Catalogs’, select your catalog and click Associate Sources.

Select the pixel or app that you would like to map to this catalog.
Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook
Still, need more?

Okay...let's consider how to create Facebook conversions ads that can help you find new customers that are relevant for your e-commerce business.

How To Create Facebook Conversions Ads
You can create a campaign using the Conversions objective to attract new shoppers to your website. You can create audiences that look similar to people who have taken actions you care about (like making a purchase) and find new potential customers.

Create a product set 
Your product set should contain the products you want to promote. It could be something like "Items for New Year", or "All pink products", or just "All products". If you don't have a pixel or app event, you'll see instructions for creating one.

Choose your campaign preferences 
1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Click Create Ad.

3. Select Conversions as your marketing objective.

4. Type in a Campaign Name and click Continue.

5. Choose the website or app you want to promote and select a conversion pixel or app event.

Tip: Facebook recommends choosing an event that happens at least 100 times every day. For example, if usually make 3 online sales a day from your website, then we'd recommend picking an event like Add to Cart or View Content instead of Purchase.

6. Select your audience, placement, budget, and schedule. Then click Continue.

7. Choose Conversions under Optimization of Delivery.

8. Select your conversion window. Your conversion window should be based on how long it usually takes for someone to complete a valuable action (or conversion) after seeing your Facebook ad.

9. Select Automatic as your bid amount to let Facebook optimize bids for your campaign, or you can choose Manual to set your own target cost per result.

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10. Type in a name for your Facebook ad set.

11. Click Continue.

Create your Facebook ad 
Once you've chosen your campaign preferences (like budget, audience, placement, and scheduling) then it's time to create your ad. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Choose the Carousel format to showcase multiple products in a single ad.
Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook
2. Connect a Facebook Page and Instagram Account for your business if you have one.

3. Select Automatically fill ad creative using a template.
Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook
4. Select Automatically fill ad creative using a template if you'd like Facebook to create your ad using products from your catalog or website and optimize for performance.

Otherwise, you can select Manually choose your ad creative if you have specific product images you'd like to use for your ad.

5. Select Fill template dynamically from a product set.

6. Click ... to choose your catalog and product set manually. You can also use the catalog and product set that is selected by default.
Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook
7. Type in your headline and link description. These fields are pre-populated to show your product name and product price by default.

8. Choose a call to action, like Shop Now.

That is it on Link Shopify To Facebook - How To Connect Shopify Account To Facebook. Please share!!!



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