Pinterest Marketing Tips - How to use Pinterest for business

Pinterest Marketing Tips - How to use Pinterest for business: Looking for a guide on how to use Pinterest for marketing your products and services?

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In this post, you'll see the list of some tips and tactics on how to use Pinterest for marketing.
Pinterest Marketing Tips - How to use Pinterest for business
If you think that it’s only Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that you can use to grow your business faster, then you’re still behind. 

One of the fastest ways of growing your business online is by using Pinterest Marketing. One of the fastest ways of growing your business online is by using Pinterest marketing.

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Pinterest marketing is a Pinterest technique that’ll grow your business far beyond your imagination.

Pinterest marketing is more viral than Tweets. It’s 100 times more spreadable than tweets. Pinterest marketing is a social media platform that’ll grow your business far beyond your imagination across the world.

The Pinterest is initially known as a platform where you can only get ideas on food recipe and plan their wedding.

However, Pinterest is now a huge platform for every business marketer. Every brand wants to be on Pinterest because of the good Pinterest marketing features that Pinterest business account offers.

If you don’t market on Pinterest before, now is the time to make use of Pinterest marketing strategies. In this post, I’ll be providing some tips on how to use Pinterest for marketing.

After this, you’ll use Pinterest with ease to market your business.

The Benefits of Business Pinterest Marketing 
Every business wants to build a large customer base and to have lots of traffic are potential customers.

Below are the benefits of Pinterest marketing.
- Gets your business across the globe via the web Increases your business subscribers and also increases your business popularity.
- It provides inspiration and ideas about a new product to buy.
- It teaches viewers how to use or make a product People use Pinterest for a specific purpose, unlike the way they use other social networks.
- Pinterest account owners publish educational marketing materials for their business account.
- It’s a huge platform to advertise your business but also offer you some tutorial materials that will teach you how to effectively engage with your customers. Also, it’ increase product recall and how to pin your product.
- Account owners stand the chance to use your business name as what will be on display to other users. In addition, you can as well use your business logo as the profile photo. This will help increase your brand visibility online.

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The demography of Pinterest
For those whose target audience is majorly females, it’s advisable they use more of Pinterest.

However, a recent study shows that 70% of Pinterest users are female between the ages of 18 to 34.

So, if your target audience is around this age, Pinterest may be the best channel for you.

Pinterest Terminologies 
To effectively use Pinterest for marketing, it’s important you know some of the terms in Pinterest. Pinterest is different from other social media sites; you may not be familiar with some of the terms.

Below is the meaning of some of these terms for you to easily understand what I mean when I mention them in this post.

A Pinterest pin is used to represent any image or video that is saved on Pinterest. For business or blog sites, what is more, important is the link that is attached to the image.

Every pin on Pinterest links back to the business website.

Pinterest account owners add pins daily/consistently. However, to keep your pins organized the pins are saved to a collection called boards (similar article).

For example, account includes credit cards, Technology, Bank and Apps, Facebook solution center, insurance, and social media boards.

Feed: Feed is a collection of links and content from boards and other users that have been followed on Pinterest.

Group Boards: It’s similar to the normal board except that here we have many users sharing the same content within a board.

It’s like other social media networks where you reshare other people content. If it’s Twitter, it’s known as a retweet. When a follower rePins other people content it means that they like the content and decided to share it with his/her followers.

How to Market with Pinterest
Before you consider Pinterest marketing of your product, you will need to have a Pinterest business account. You can read more about the Pinterest business account to learn more.

Below is the list of some tips and tactics on how to use Pinterest for marketing.

If you do the right thing, your pins can get the best-required engagement with customers if you do the right thing.

Pin Always: Pinterest requires that you pin consistently in order to get your customers engaged any time they come to your page.

At least pin two or three times daily. Mostly, pin in the evening and on weekends when visitors have more time to visit social media.

At this time, it’s seen as the peak time when your target audiences are more active online.

Try and Add save buttons to your web site 
Adding a save button to your website makes it easy for visitors to directly check your Pinterest account.

Or pin your site content to their own account. For you to get your audience to take this action, you have to make it easy and simple for them.

They’ll directly visit your Pinterest page through this action. You may add a hovering pin it button to any image on your site.

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However, if you are using WordPress, it has a Pinterest pin it hovers button plug-in. Users can promote their Pinterest business account by linking to other social media platforms. You may not need to start searching for new followers on Pinterest.

You can just, link to your Twitter and Facebook account.

This helps you get more followers by adding to the ones you have.

How to link Pinterest account to other social media 
- To link your Pinterest account to other social media platforms visit your account settings.
- Go to the social network section.
- Click “ connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts”.
- From here, you’ll Follow and engage with other popular boards who share similar interest. Through following popular brands on Pinterest you have the opportunity to learn from them.

By following and engaging with popular brands, people will see your brand’s name each time you like or comment on their pins.

- Engage with followers 
Don’t just post and leave you must learn to engage your followers. You must like, comment and reply comment from your followers. In addition, like, comment on the pins of your followers.

- Use of call to pin 
This will encourage followers to rePin your content. When you do all of these your pin engagement will increase.

This means that you’ve more followers and more opportunities to grow and promote your business through Pinterest marketing.


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