Spotify Sign Up | How to Create Spotify Account

Spotify Sign Up | How Do I Sign Up to Spotify? Want to know how to create Spotify account? This post is all about how to sign up Spotify.

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Spotify is one of the world most known digital music, video, and podcast streaming service. the aim of Spotify is to give users online access to millions of their favorite songs from artists all over the world. 
Spotify Sign Up | How to Create Spotify Account
Spotify uses basic functioning such as streaming of songs online. The most basic functions of the Spotify platform are totally free.

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Although not all features on the platform can be accessed for free. Spotify believes in building an economic world full of music lovers.

Spotify Premium 
The Spotify premium is another feature of the Spotify platform. This feature is not free to access. In other words, it is a paid service.

The Spotify premium brings a lot of benefits that normal Spotify users are not entitled to.

Spotify can be accessed on a wide range of devices. These devices include iPhones, iPad, television set, speakers, tablets, computers, and even cars.

Spotify is majorly made to be a streaming service, therefore none of their contents can be copied. This is the main function of their licensing.

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What You Can Do On Spotify
There is a long list of the things you could do on Spotify. Spotify allows users access to different services for free.

When you use Spotify premium you are almost unlimited to the things you could do on Spotify. 

Here is a list of the things you could do on Spotify or Spotify premium. 
- Search, locate and find the music you want to listen to. 
- You can also get recommendations from other personalized features like discover weekly, daily mix, and release radar. 
- You can also build your own collection of music. 
- You can easily see what your friends, celebrities and artists are listening to. 

Apart from all these, Spotify also allows you to create a radio station for yourself. After reading all these, I don’t see why you should not sign up for Spotify and start enjoying all of the benefits instantly. 

Another thing you should know is that Spotify is not limited to a certain range of people.

How to Sign Up To Spotify 
Spotify is a legal music streaming platform, this is one reason why it is available to all users. Follow the steps below to sign up for a Spotify account.

- Firstly, navigate to

- Note that this site is secured, on this site homepage, click on sign up.

- You can also use Facebook to sign up by clicking on “sign up with Facebook”.

- Fill the form and confirm you are human by completing the recaptcha.

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After you sign up, Spotify would be downloaded for the device you used to sign up. Install the Spotify app and start using Spotify.

After the app is installed sign in to Spotify.

That is it on Spotify Sign Up | How to Create Spotify Account.


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