Instagram Live | How to start Instagram Live video

Instagram Live | How to start Instagram Live video: It is a known fact that Instagram is the leading mobile photography platform on the social network. 

Most of this truth is so due to the reason that users have very large options to delve into. 

Options of photo posting, video posting and a lot of interactions as regards their photo collages.

One limitation to the Instagram package is the fact that in as much as users can upload lots of pictures in a day, they can only do that one picture at a time. 
Instagram Live | How to start Instagram Live video
Also, videos can be uploaded but with a limited duration of about one (1) minute per upload, at least for a regular Instagram account owner.

Lots of brainstorming had been done by the Instagram software team to afford users an avenue where they can further express activities they are currently on more than the minute video sessions, and so the invent is the Instagram live feature.

This is a feature that allows users of Instagram to put up something that looks like a diary session within their account.

With Instagram live, users can now post a video of what they are currently doing to the delight and consumption of their numerous followers.

Who Can Be a Part of Instagram Live 
Instagram live is available to every account owner on Instagram. Aside from the usual posting of photos and short videos that are associated with Instagram, every user can now slide to the Instagram live session where they can record as long as they want, the activity they are currently involved in.

All followers (except otherwise set on Instagram live settings) will be able to see and participate in a certain user’s live session. In fact, all followers of a user will be automatically notified once a user is about to start his or her Instagram live session.

It is really cool because apart from seeing what the user is doing right now, followers could like, love or drop comments based on what the live session is really about. It is quite interesting when you have a large audience of followers who are active.

How Long Does the Instagram Live Session Last? 
Well, on the average a usual Instagram Live session could be as long as one hour. This means that users can put up whatever they are currently doing on their Instagram Live spanning for about one hour.

That should be enough to showcase exactly what you are doing.

However, even if a follower is not available to be a part of a user’s Instagram live session, such a user can always go through the Instagram Live of the user whenever they are available.

All live sessions are always stored at the top of every user’s Instagram feed alongside all Instagram stories. The only issue is that, just like Instagram stories.

Instagram Live sessions would only be up for viewing for the next 24hrs after completion. This means that every follower can access and enjoy a user’s live session within 24 hours of the user putting it up.

After which it will disappear. Fair enough, right?

Activities That Could Be up on Instagram Live 
This is a platform that is open to all users as there are lots of activities that users can put up live. Instagram users can put up the following activities in their live session.

- Lectures in school.
- Football matches from the screen.
- Makeup sessions by makeup artists.
- A craft that could benefit other followers.
- Interviews.
- Hangouts with friends.
- Family times with members of the family. And so on.

In fact, there seems to be nothing that cannot be added to one’s Instagram story. Just make a pick for what will interest your followers the most.
How to start Instagram Live video 
The Instagram Live could be accessed from the Instagram feed page of every Instagram account owner. Just follower this short and easy steps:

- Go to your Instagram feed page where posts of you and all your followers always appear.

- On top of the page swipe to the left to switch to the “Live” session.

- You could also click on the Instagram story icon where there is a plus sign (+) right beneath your profile picture.

- Click on it.

- On the Instagram story page, swipe the available options and click on “Live”

- There will be a time after which you can start your Instagram live session.

Note that this is only possible when you are using the Instagram app on your mobile devices. It is also worthy to note that you can either record with the front camera.

If you want to capture just activities involving you; or you could switch to the back camera if you want to capture events that are not involving you.

The Instagram live feature is indeed a very great and welcome idea.

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