Facebook Bitcoinpay – FaceCoin | Facebook Groups | Facebook Pages

As we earlier promised, here is a comprehensive post on what we titled: Facebook Bitcoinpay – FaceCoin | Facebook Groups | Facebook Pages. Have you heard of the Facebook Bitcoinpay? And you don’t know much about the Bitcoinpay. 
Facebook Bitcoinpay – FaceCoin | Facebook Groups | Facebook Pages
This article will be showing you all you need to know about Bitcoinpay, Bitcoin and Facebook Bitcoinpay.

Firstly, let’s start by knowing what a Bitcoinpay is.

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Bitcoinpay can be defined as a simple but yet powerful way of accepting bitcoin payments on your website like Facebook.

This service allows merchants and businesses to receive payments in bitcoin from different individuals for the goods or services they rendered or being sold.

It works just like the processing of a standard credit or debit card bills services. You would need to sign up for the Bitcoinpay service account to start receiving in bitcoin or you can sign in if you already have an account with the service.

Bitcoin pay has a mobile that you can get on the mobile device app store that you are using.

What Is Actually Is Bitcoin? 
Bitcoin is best described as a cryptocurrency, it is a digital currency. It is a kind of money that is completely virtual.

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Bitcoin is an online version of physical cash. It can be used to purchase products and services, but it can be used in many shops and also it has been banned in most countries.

How to Sign Up for a Bitcoinpay Account 
To use the Bitcoinpay service, you would need to sign up for an account first. You can sign up by following the instructions below;
1. Open your device browser.
2. Head on to www.bitcoinpay.com
3. On the pop-up page, enter your Email address and then hit on Sign up and Accept Bitcoin.
4. A confirmation mail will be sent your email address.
5. Go to the email sent and verify the mail you used.
6. Accept the Terms and Conditions of Bitcoinpay and hit on “Continue”.
7. Add a URL where you would wish to accept your bitcoin payments.
8. Select the currency you would want to receive the payments.
9. Select the payment method and then add your Bank payout; enter the Client full name or company name, Street address, City, Country, Bank Code, Bank account number and the Min Settlement amount.
10. Choose the [payment frequency; Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You will be directed to the congratulatory page.

Bitcoinpay Login 
You can login to your Bitcoinpay account if you already have an account. Follow the instructions below;
1. Go to www.bitcoinpay.com
2. On the platform, click on Login.
3. Enter your email address and the account password, then click on “Sign in”

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Once the details are correct, the page will be reloaded and your account will be displayed.

What Actually is Facebook Bitcoinpay? 
Facebook Bitcoinpay is a page on Facebook, although the page has been removed temporarily you can still search for it the Facebook page at a later date.

Here is the URL of the page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bitcoinpaycom, you can check it out anytime the server is up.

The page is for people with the same aim and goal in mind for the Bitcoinpay.

That is it on Facebook Bitcoinpay – FaceCoin | Facebook Groups | Facebook Pages.



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